I have underwent Sereja’s course of face massage kobido. I’m very grateful to him for his golden hands and supply of positive)) Skin became much more flexible, small wrinkles become less pronounced.  And the process itself is very pleasant, now I always have a desire to “knead” a face and understand how much it lacks tonus. I was afraid that I would have allergy to the substances used during the massage but I didn’t. And after making massage to me, Sereja made massage to my 4-years old son. Pain in legs that disturbed him, fortunately,  disappeared. And the temper to our lively kid who always interfered and talking endlessly, deserves special re-spect. We want more, now we need to pay attention of the back! Good like in self-perfection :)

I would like to share my impression from few excellent  Sergey's sessions of face massage Kobido. I found out about massage and master in the Internet. When I was in Saint-Petersburg, I decided to attend face massage Kobido. I like the place where massage is performed. I was affably met, seen to the cloak-room, I could take the shower and plunged into the excellent space which is created for such wonderful massages and such good masters. And then massage began. My idea of massage changed in few minutes. I plunged into the sea of relax, my body was in imponderability, I was sleeping and when woke up, I get up from the massage table absolutely different – light, renewed, with shining look. The face has changed, all small wrinkles disappeared, skin became even, healthy ruddiness appeared. But the most important that I want to note is working through psychological state, removal of tension, blocks which have been accumulated during the life. After every session I found new transformation of myself and how surprised my friends and colleagues were, they didn’t recognize me at once))). Even after 3 sessions of Kobido massage my face acquired even ruddiness, natural moisture and fullness of the face, eye wrinkles disappeared. During my next trip to Saint-Petersburg I will certainly come to you, Sergey. Thank you very much.

I knew nothing about Kobido massage! I decided to try. Impressions? They absorbed me from the first massage. I understand that simultaneous effect is impossible but this doesn’t concern this master! Skin begin to shine from the inside, and surprisingly, changes of the whole organism take place. Positive ones!

After the course of seven massage sessions my skin became notably more flexible, wrinkles were smoothed and the body acquired strange lightness. So, I don’t know HOW this works but I have a desire to fly and, confidence that I will be able to do it. Thank you, Sergey!

I will recommend you to all friends. Especially, everybody asks questions why I have such radi-ant look. I will explain it)

On the weekends I was lucky to feel all the magic of Sereja's massage.  There are few variants of the massage, one of which is Kobido, such sensational and unusual. Impossible. Relax. Sometimes it seemed that I will fall asleep from the relaxation. It's sooo cool and interesting. I advise it.

We made a mask after which the skin is like baby's. Honey massage, hand and feet massage. One can addict on it. Light and at the same time strong Sereja's hand makes miracles :)

I liked it very much.

I will recommend it to everybody with a clear conscience. When a person loves what he does and improves his qualification from the best masters of the world, you can see it. Bravo, thank you, super :))

Nowadays, one can get really qualitative services, meet Professionals with a capital «p» who work with high responsibility, real knowledge of their business and care about client.

I was looking for Kobido massage specialist, and, finally, after long searches all contacts led to Sergey. He is one of the few licensed specialists (by the Master Shogo Mochizuki) in this tech-nique in Russia!

Kobido massage is one of the most effective therapeutic  methods allowing to improve skin condition and minimize aging process.

What can be better than the expected result? Only the result that exceeded all expectations! I don’t like to write reviews but this is special situation. After the massage I transformed, I became light, renewed, with shining look. My face changed, small wrinkles disappeared, skin become even, healthy ruddiness appeared. But the main thing I want to note is working through psychological state, removal of tensions, blocks what accumulated during the last 15 years (of administrative work)

Professional approach and charisma of the Master connected somatic and spiritual feeling in the single whole and immersed me into Nirvana and magical world of feelings and calm. Session lasted only 1 hour and 20 minutes but I have remained under impression for many days. Even now (after a month) I return to this pleasant state remembering massage session and experience these magical feelings. I would like to wish everybody who is not indifferent to keeping youth and beauty, to try just for once the touch of the professional hands of Sergey and I don’t doubt that you will want to return again and again!

Sergey, thank You what you are doing!

Katya Logvinenko

Alina Smirnova

Inna Abdulina

Yuliya Sneg

Olga Ekkert

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