The purpose of my work — harmony of your body and soul.

Hello! My name is Levoshkin Sergey. I am the certified specialist on the Japanese massage of a body and a face from the house of KOBIDO.

I carry out the corporal oriented procedures using techniques and the technician of varying complexity and a broad spectrum of activity, directed to improvement of your body and person.

I am regularly trained at the best massage schools, at the best masters of the world. I was trained in Japan, Spain, France and Russia. I participate in the international exhibitions, sporting events and the massage championships.



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Levoshkin Sergey


 massage therapist


Japanese face massage KOBIDO

Complete massage

Sports massage

Anticellulite massage

Foot massage

Japanese tradition massage ANMA


Relax massage

Sculpturing massage

Honey massage

Hand massage

It’s a mean of disease prophylaxis, insurance of long-term capacity for work. It helps to release stresses.

 It helps to reduce time of recovery after physical activity, for the achievement of maximum efficiency during the training or after it.

Human skin is not perfect, therefore, with age problem of cellulitis begins to worry many wom-en.

Makes the stimulating impact not only on muscles of legs, but also on all organism in general.

The task of this massage is to contribute to the enhancement of an organism, weakening of ten-sion.

This is very old and advanced technique of Japanese face massage including massage and skin care.

This massage recovers and supports energetics, activates processes of self-regulation in human organism, returns sound and healthy sleep.

The purpose of massage is correction of volumes of separate areas of the body. Sculpturing massage influences subcutaneous fat or muscular tissue.

This is powerful immunostimulating and general tonic mean based on the properties of honey and massage.

Muscles of our hands experience big stresses during the day, they accumulate strong tensions which irradiate to neck or shoulder in a form of muscular pains.

Hot stone massage

Masks and  wraps

Spa-procedure which is massage performed by special technique with the use of natural stones, Hot stones massage gives new unusual feelings.

Effect from wrap procedure is very important. Wrap relieves you from excesses of tissue liquid, skin becomes more healthy and beautiful.

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I also carry out services at your home or office (with my massage table)

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